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Tips for smooth move

The process of shifting from one place to another is arduous. It is both physically and mentally draining. The thrill and excitement of new surroundings is offset by the rigors of packing. Drawing from collective experience and from valuable tips gleaned by retrospection, some tips for smooth move towards your new place are listed below.

The first and foremost thing that must be done is to make a list of all the articles that have to be packed. This may seem like an unnecessary step initially, but once the process of packing is underway you will realize its importance. Make an inventory of all the things, label them and assign them to specific containers. Make sure that the list is safe with you. Provide check boxes for each article, once each article is labeled and assigned to a particular container play a tick in the box. This is one of the most important tips for smooth move.

Before you start packing, ensure that you have large supply of containers with you. Never buy a limited quantity, always purchase in excess. This is because, the need for packing containers is always under estimated. Excess containers can come in handy. You cannot run to the grocers at the last moment. It will just add to the confusion of packing and you will end up losing valuable time. Before you pack the articles into the containers make sure that they are cushioned with shock absorbing materials. Also, ensure you have a large quantity of old newspapers to wrap the articles in.

When packing articles into containers ensure that you color code them. For example, all kitchen articles are packed into containers which are coded with a particular color. All containers coded with this color can be stacked in the kitchen directly. This is one of the most important tips for smooth move as it reduces confusion and saves on time while un-packing.

While packing, it is essential that all parts of an article are packed into the same container. This is mandatory for electric appliances like television, computer and home theater system. When you pack the computer, make sure that all its components are packed into the same container. This reduces the risk of losing small components during transit. Also make sure that all the electronic equipments are padded with shock absorbers such as thermo Cole and bubble wraps to minimize on damage during transit.

Valuable items like silverware and other artifacts should be protected with care. It is advisable to carry these things in your car rather than risk losing them with the movers. If it is not possible, then make sure that you have insurance cover for these valuable items. Another method to safeguard them is by marking them as miscellaneous supply items.

Last but not the least; ensure that all important papers and documents are kept safe. These cannot be left with the movers. It is mandatory that you carry them along with you.

These tips for smooth moving services will go a long way in ensuring a smooth transit from old home to your new home

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